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Naturally enhanced with our Princess Care System, this lightweight multi-functional body cream hydrates your skin for a vibrant glow. Reveal your skin’s true natural radiance and restore your confidence with each use of Altie Lotion.  

Made In Japan



  • Smooths and heals dry or irritated skin.
  • Perfect for all skin types.
  • Contains ingredients that genuinely cares for your skin
  • Enhances the moisture of your skin.
  • It quickly and deeply penetrates into your skin, bringing vital nutrients to dry and aging skin.


About Altie Products

Skin will naturally age as we age. Yet the Altie series will revitalize your skin in a way you’ve never seen before. Focusing on photoaging, the exclusive Aloe Enrich® and Princess Care elements are in all of our products. It will solve your skin problems and provide you with more luminous skin. Its daily care will nurture and regenerate your skin, while enhancing your skin’s elasticity and natural beauty. Experience the joy of your skin being treated from the inside out.

*UV rays from the sun and artificial light, such as computer screens, dry your skin and reduce its elasticity, leaving you with prematurely aged skin.

Altie is in all of our products focuses on skin cell regeneration.


Aloe Enrich®

It brings aloe vera’s skin strength to your skin. Three carefully selected natural oils supplement the work of aloe vera, resulting in more natural and smooth skin.

Contains the moisturizing extracts of aloe vera, soybean buds, chamomile flowers and hydrolyzed silk, all of which are moisturizing ingredients.


Princess Care

It contains an extract from the Himefuro plant. In combination with Aloe Enrich®, it addresses skin damaged by photoaging and dryness, resulting more youthful skin.

Contains Himefuro extract, which is a moisturizing ingredient.



Apply two quarter-size amount to a cotton pad or your palm and then gently spread across your face.

Suggested Usage

This luxurious lotion may be used day or night to give your skin a radiant glow all day long.  



Bilberry leaf extract Extract
Contains an abundance of polyphenols. It supports your skin’s collagen, leading to firmer skin.

Centella extract extract
A magic plant in India, it supports skin moisture deep within the skin.

Leads to translucent skin while storing moisture in your skin’s outer layer, it smooths your skin’s texture and provides a brighter appearance.

An ingredient that brightens your skin and reduces skin damage due to UV rays. Cares for damage caused by UV rays.

Touki root extract
Rich in vitamins and amino acids, it brings moisture to your skin.

Moisturizes skin
Its ingredients deeply moisturize your skin.

Made in Japan.

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